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Forty Years on the Road

It's taken about 3 years, but I have finished my "lifestory" vanity project.
It's called "40 Years On The Road...For Something I Didn't Even Do" and it's available via...
PayPal… for the princely sum of £20 + £3 p&p. (UK only)
It features loads of photographs, memorabilia and the odd laugh.
Cathryn gave it her seal of approval, giving me the confidence to tell the world about it!



Real World has been well-received by the press, with the latest review given 5 stars and an 'Editor's Pick' in Maverick Magazine. Several radio stations are playing tracks from it, with good feedback from listeners.

MAVERICK MAGAZINE - "Wonderfully sung songs by a sweet voiced lady, backed by equally exquisite acoustic guitar. If you love beautiful music you will fall in love again. I urge you to check it out." (5 stars & "Editor's Pick")

THE LIVING TRADITION - "Sheer perfection. The CD benefits from a simplicity of approach that allows the music to be timeless and placeless. Long live traditional music, even when it's only just been written."

FATEA - "This album succeeds in all departments, but what makes it stand out is the exceptional quality and strength of the songwriting. Come the end of 2013, this is sure to be on my list of albums of the year, no question."

NET RHYTHMS - "Each and every one of these songs embodies that delicately-crafted quality we associate with true masters of songwriting. Sublime!"

FOLKING.COM - "Combining lush, spiritual acoustic guitar with emotive, poignant vocals truly brings out the best in both artists' offerings. They remind all of us that life, for all its dips and curves, truly is as rich as we make it."

NORTHERN SKY - "With Cathryn's distinctive voice and Brian's intuitive guitar accompaniment, the songs are presented with no further embellishment, focusing on the essential part of each of their respective strengths and serving as an accurate record of the duo's live performance."


Check out the YouTube video.

We have started promoting our 'Rumours of Rain' project again and Facebook readers have supported us strongly in this. Radio Warwickshire's Tamsin Rosewell has been very helpful... Tamsin Rosewell @autumnrosewell.

Don't miss Folk for Peace project's Rumours of Rain now playing on @RadioWarks. An extraordinary project led by @CathrynCraig @STRAWBRIAN. Radio Teesdale and Bishop FM are also keenly promoting it.

We still believe the recording 'has legs' and should be more appreciated, if only for its impressive international Folk Star line-up! Let's hope we can achieve our original goal, of collecting funds to help children injured in war zones.

We look forward to seeing our friends around the country in October, but meanwhile, enjoy the rest of the holiday season!

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